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Post  Parasite on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:13 am

In google type "Allen consulting group": contains reports commissioned by various agencies and governments and some insights into and opinions about current newsworthy issues.

Some of the topics discussed and researched include, privatisation of public assets, superannuation, CSG in north-west NSW, impact of gambling in Tasmania, the emergency response in the NT, amongst others.

It's a good way of getting well researched info about issues before the media, lobby groups and politicians get to it and shit up the whole debate.

Edited because of admin's nazi (or is it Roman Catholic?) law that says new members can't post external links for the first 7 days.

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Post  The Pope on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:45 am

Privitisation is very interesting when you look into it.
What appears to be happening is the transfer of our assets, paid for by us and our forefathers into the assets of the commonwealh of australia corporation. For nothing. zip. Not a bean in payment.
Then naturally the media disusses whther the socalled government should sell off a certain percentage or not.
Which is not the issue at all.
The real theft comes in the transfer from our ownership to the defacto govt corporation
Whether they then sell them off is irrelevant to us. Our pockets have already been picked, in a bloody big way.
I have some intriguiging info from correspondence with ASIC about this issue, who were most cooperative with my enquiry. As the guy I spoke to saw the swindle after my initial contact led him to look into it, and was being very helpful in giving me info for a complaint.
I believe in the intervening period that the comm of australia govt has registered to do business in Australia. Negating perhaps the substance of the complaint I was making. Coincidence? maybe.
They hadnt bothered registering since 1934 ( I dont think they became the "govt" until Whitlam but havent sourced definitive proof of the takeover date as yet) I make the enquiry with ASIC in november 2011, the govt registers this year.

If my point is confusing- I'll clarify
You can't do busioness in Australia without registering here. Coca cola is a US registered corporation , if they want to trade in Australia they have to register here aswell.
Commonwealth of Australia did not do so. ASIC confirmed this in writing, and said it was a breach if I can find proof of them doing business here. They guy also supplied me with info I hadnt requested on the sale of Telstra and other stuff I didnt understand, which may implicate them in doing unregistered business here.

What this confirmed for me without doubt , is that ASIC is of the opinion the so called government is simply a foreign corporation. This fact was not disputed, but assumed a given by their subsequent addressing of my complaint issue.

Ok now Ive confused myself. So to clarify my clarification ASIC confirms the so called COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is a foreign owned and registered corp (distinct and seperate to the commonwealth of australia in our constitution) and that they are taking over the ownership of assets owned by us the people of Australia. ( the real commonwealth)
The Pope
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