stellar concepts

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stellar concepts

Post  The Pope on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:19 pm

What is the wankathon over stellar concepts about?

I actually waded through this guys youtubes months ago to see what the big deal was. And I still don't get it.

And he predicted $21 silver for that time, and I realised it was nonsense because of prebuy prices for 2012 from the big guys were 25% higher than that.
Turns out he was wrong.And gosh, the big giuys were right.

Is it because like every man and his dog, he thought $50 U.S. was going to be a tough barrier to break through?

This guy decided to sell his silver , and now he's a fucking genius? He's been wrong in every other prediction I saw on youtube.
Its not exactly rocket surgery
. The price is either going to go up, down or nowhere.

Monkey see monkey do
The Pope

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Re: stellar concepts

Post  Parasite on Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:41 pm

Yes it's sad, but many a drop of cum has been shed by some over his posts. If it's any consolation, stellar-love is not shared by all.

I know 3 "Members" who do not get a fat every time he speaks.

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